Joint Statement of the Indonesian Women Ulama Congress (KUPI) Networks on the Humanitarian Crisis Situation in Palestine

We, the Indonesian Women Ulama Congress Network (KUPI) networks, hereby state the positions in responding the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and various other regions precipitated by colonization and wars that have resulted in the tragic genocide of the Palestinian people.

First, we urgently call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, colonization, genocide, and all actions leading to the tragic loss of over 12,000 lives as of Tuesday, November 12, 2023. This includes the loss of homes, security, freedom, and the dignity of every human being, especially the vulnerable (dhuafa) or those rendered weak by circumstances (mustadh’afin) in any conflict-ridden area, particularly in Gaza.

Second, we insist the United Nations (UN), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and other international institutions to employ all available means to safeguard human rights and work towards a two-state solution, fostering genuine and just peace.

Thirdly, we call upon the UN to deploy peacekeeping forces to Gaza to ensure the protection of civilians, including women and children, safeguard public facilities such as hospitals and schools from bombings and destruction, and ensure the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid by lifting the blockade and total siege imposed by Israel in Gaza strip.

Fourthly, we demand that nations worldwide refrain from perpetuating the conflict through any actions or statements supporting Israeli colonization in Palestine.

Fifthly, we extend our support to the Indonesian Government, which has consistently and persistently pursued diplomatic and humanitarian measures to halt the conflict, backing the struggle for Palestinian freedom, expressing solidarity, and coordinating humanitarian aid for the Palestinians.

Sixthly, we urge influential religious figures from diverse faiths to consolidate interfaith relations, continuously propagate the universal message of peace, humanity, mercy, and compassion—especially to political and military leaders within the framework of their respective religions—so that religious teachings are not exploited to legitimize genocide, murder, expulsion, violence, cruelty, and other inhumane actions against any party.

Seventhly, we call upon the global civil society, including women and female ulama, to leverage their strengths individually or collaboratively to advocate for peace, an end to colonization, and the cessation of genocide against the Palestinian people.

Eighthly, we encourage people of all religions to fervently pray to Allah SWT, the Almighty God, entreating Him to open the hearts of leaders and mobilize the universe to terminate conflicts and pave the way for a just, civilized, and dignified existence for every human being, nation, and country.

Ninthly, we urgently insist all components of the Indonesian nation and global citizens to tirelessly aid the victims of war, taking into consideration their specific needs, such as those of women, children, the elderly, disabled groups, and other vulnerable segments of the population.

Tenthly, we invite Muslims worldwide to steadfastly engage in sincere, devout, and hopeful spiritual endeavours (raja’) to Allah, including prayers, qunut nazilah, istighotsah, unseen prayers, and others, with the aim of securing peace and freedom for Palestine.

Eleventhly, we encourage female scholars to actively contribute in diverse capacities, whether cultural, social, or spiritual, towards the cessation of war, the realization of peace, and the attainment of freedom for Palestine in their respective spheres of influence.

We strongly recommend that each nation undertakes necessary steps to address the crisis situation unfolding in Palestine and urges Israel to immediately ceasefire.


Jakarta, November 12, 2023


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