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Summary The Result Of The Religious Deliberation The 2nd Congress Of Indonesian Women Ulama (KUPI)

This book is a summary of the Proceedings of the Second Religious Consultation Congress of Indonesian Women Ulama (KUPI) held at Pondok Pesantren Hasyim Asy’ari Bangsri Jepara, Central Java. The Proceedings of the KUPI Congress are a manifestation of KUPI's existence as a movement of female scholars that is intellectual, cultural, social, and spiritual in nature. In this movement, the Proceedings of the KUPI Congress undertake the mandate and responsibility to realize the Islamic message of mercy for all creation, while adhering firmly to the teachings of monotheism and noble moral values (al-akhlāq al-karīmah), and orienting towards the goals of Islamic law (maqāṣid al-sharī‘ah), and the well-being of humanity, especially focusing on the weak (ḍu’afā) and marginalized (mustaḍ’afīn) who are often neglected and forgotten.


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