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The book "CSO'S JOINT STATEMENT OF ASEAN CIVIL SOCIETIES: Resilient Community in ASEAN, Strengthening the Intersectional Agenda for Women, Peace and Security" represents a compilation of joint statements by civil society organizations from ASEAN countries. They warmly welcome the government-organized WPS High-Level Meeting held on July 6-7, 2023, with the objective of establishing a foundation for accountability and mechanisms to implement the Regional Plan of Action on Women, Peace, and Security (RPA WPS) by strengthening monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. Recognizing the significance of this event, they also conducted a Side Event Meeting on July 4-5, 2023, themed "Building Resilient Communities: Applying an Intersectional Perspective in the Regional Plan of Action on Women, Peace, and Security." The side event aimed to delve into critical non-traditional issues related to women's security, including climate change, violent extremism, cyber security, migration, and humanitarian crises. Expressing profound concerns regarding the deteriorating situation of women, peace, and security in ASEAN, they highlight the far-reaching effects of conflicts, encompassing aspects such as gender-based violence, social and cultural destruction, environmental damage, migration patterns, human trafficking, disability emergence, and the overall mental health of individuals impacted by turmoil. They also raise alarming issues about the rise of conservatism and populism in the region, resulting in a narrowing space for civil society, including human rights defenders. Additionally, they address cybersecurity concerns, human rights violations in Myanmar, climate change, and the involvement of women and children in acts of terrorism. Nonetheless, they acknowledge remarkable initiatives by civil society organizations and faith-based actors in ASEAN, such as regional solidarity efforts to support migrants, the strengthening of systems for preventing and addressing violence against women, and the promotion of digital rights at the ASEAN level. https://amanindonesia.org/publikasi/csos-joint-statement-of-asean-civil-societies/


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