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Guidebook on Reflective Structured Dialogue: Development Dialogue Skill Across Divides

Reflective Structured Dialogue Development Dialogue Skills Across Divides is a guidebook which holds immense significance as it offers a reflective and structured approach to foster understanding and provide a safe space for individuals from diverse backgrounds to express their personal experiences on sensitive issues. Developed by Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), this adaptation of the Reflective Structured Dialogue (RSD) approach aims to resolve inter-religious conflicts, conflicts between immigrants and locals, and conflicts among individuals of different faiths. By employing RSD principles and rules, the guidebook enhances empathy, narrative management, and active listening skills, enabling participants to overcome communication barriers, dispel prejudices and fear through the sharing of empirical experiences. The guidebook, built upon the experiences of AMAN Indonesia in Tasikmalaya, Solo, and Malang which involving women ulama from diverse ideological backgrounds, serves as a testament to the effectiveness of RSD. It empowers individuals to create comfortable dialogue spaces, strengthen solidarity, and foster respect, equal opportunity, and prejudice-free conversations. This guidebook represents AMAN Indonesia's commitment to enhancing dialogue skills and promoting a transformative journey through Reflective Structured Dialogue.


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