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Final Report International Conference, 23rd November 2022: Affirming the Roles of Women Ulama in Creating a Just Islamic Civilization

The International Congress of KUPI (Indonesian Women Ulama Congress) held in Semarang and Jepara from 23-26 November 2023 served as a platform for international participants from 32 countries, including Indonesia, to share their feelings and impressions. With 627 attendees, the conference aimed to convey three significant messages. Firstly, KUPI aimed to redefine the term "ulama" to include women and promote gender equality from an Islamic perspective. Secondly, it emphasized the belief that women are equal to men and have a similar mandate from God to create a just society. Thirdly, KUPI sought to establish a collaborative body that includes various actors and institutions committed to gender equality. The conference featured plenary sessions and parallel discussions addressing topics such as democracy, interfaith dialogue, climate justice, and women-peace and security. Two important recommendations emerged: building solidarity to address women's rights violations globally and establishing a global movement by strengthening local women ulama movements in each country. The congress highlighted the need for consolidating spaces for women of different faiths and nations to understand KUPI's paradigm and methodology before embarking on the movement to reclaim religious authority. Ultimately, it aimed to amplify the voices of women ulama on the global stage and promote best practices from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds.


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