Side Event of ASEAN People Forum

Expert Group Meeting on Women, Peace and Security

“Unseen Threats, Unheard Voices: Analyzing the Evolving Concept of Women’s Security in ASEAN”


Organized by AMAN Indonesia

Supported by JISRA Indonesia


  • Background


Recognizing the significance of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) High-Level event, civil society organizations in ASEAN have organized a Side Event Meeting on July 4-5, 2023, at Grand Ambarrukmo, Yogyakarta, titled “Building Resilient Communities: Applying an Intersectional Perspective in the Regional Plan of Action on Women, Peace, and Security.” The event held and co-hosted by The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) Indonesia, Migrant Care, Working Group on Women and PCVE (WGWC), The Asia Pacific Partnership for Atrocity Prevention (APPAP), Southeast Asia Women Peacebuilders (SEAWP), Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA), Asia Democracy Network (ADN), Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFENet), and ​​Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA).

The event served as a platform for CSO working intersectionality with Women, Peace and Security issues to come together, to share their views, experiences, and knowledge and jointly gather recommendations for the implementation of RPA WPS in ASEAN. The takeaway of the forum is a joint statement of ASEAN Civil Societies on Resilient Community in ASEAN, Strengthening the Intersectional Agenda for Women, Peace and Security (

Following the Side Event of WPS High Level Meeting, AMAN Indonesia would like to gather experts from ASEAN countries to redefine and analyze the concept of women’s security in the context of ASEAN.

The rise of conservatism, populism, shrinking civil society space, and their impacts on various groups, as well as the evolving nature of cybersecurity and the human rights violations in Myanmar, are all very relevant and important issues. We also have concerns regarding the gendered impacts of climate change and the rising involvement of women and children in acts of terrorism, which are both important issues. While ASEAN promotes regional cooperation, it’s important to acknowledge that the member states have varying degrees of commitment to human rights and religious and faith freedoms. Therefore, civil society also has a big concern about the importance of fostering recognition of diversity as a valuable asset, which is integral to promoting human rights, inclusivity, and understanding in society

The concept of women’s security has evolved over time, reflecting changing social, political, and economic dynamics. In the context of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), this evolution is particularly significant, given the region’s diverse cultures, socio-economic disparities, and varying levels of development. The meeting “Unseen Threats, Unheard Voices: Analyzing the Evolving Concept of Women’s Security in ASEAN” likely explores how the understanding of women’s security has developed in the ASEAN region, considering non-traditional and contemporary perspectives. The understanding of security has expanded to encompass a broader notion of human security, which includes factors like economic well-being, healthcare, education, and gender equality.


  1. Objective

The Expert Group Meeting (EGM) is aimed

  • to facilitate a focused knowledge exchange among experts from backgrounds of academia, practitioners, and media to analyze the unseen threats that influence the security of women in SEA.
  • to accelerate policy advancement that enhances women’s agency, protection, and empowerment in conflict prevention, resolution, and post-conflict reconstruction. This will translate into the actionable measures of the Regional Plan of Action on Women, Peace and Security into concrete and measurable outcomes.
  • To unveil the hidden threats and amplify marginalized voices, this expert group will convene 15 regional experts deeply engaged in women, peace, and security efforts. Delving into discussions encompassing violent extremism, cyber security, religious freedom, climate change, migration, and urgent humanitarian challenges, including the pandemic and the situation in Myanmar.


  • Method

This expert group meeting will use a presentation and open discussion.


  1. Date and Place

The meeting will be held at Yustinus Building, Class 1 (YB 101) Atmajaya University, on Sunday, 3rd September 2023 from 11.00-12.30 WIB (GMT+7), through hybrid (offline and online via Zoom Platform) Meeting ID: 892 9143 4644  Passcode: APF2023





  1. Participants 

The forum will target around 50 participants which include experts, activists, researchers, women social workers, youth, and media.  Please confirm your attendance both offline or online via

  • Organizer

The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) Indonesia, with support from Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA) Indonesia

  • Registration


The registration fee for participants of Experts Group Meeting of the Side Events is as follows:

  • General: Rp100,000/person
  • Community/People with Disabilities: Rp50,000/person

Payment can be made directly at the venue. AMAN will only give free charge for the registration fee for the first 30 applicants.

  • Please inform us if you have already registered for the APF event, so you can participate in the side events without any additional payment.


Facilities included:

Access to all the scheduled Classrooms throughout the day and complimentary refreshments.


  1. Language 

The workshop will be delivered in English


Important contact number:

Mr. Ghufron,

Ms. Neny Adamuka


Sep 03, 2023 - Sep 03, 2023


Time Detail Agenda PIC
10.00-11.00 Registration & orientation Committee
11.00-11.05  Welcoming  MC
11.05-11.15 Opening Remarks

(10’ minutes)


1.               Secretary General of The Asian Muslim Action Network, Dwi Rubiyanti Kholifah,

2.               Country Coordinator JISRA Indonesia, Mutiara Pasaribu



Unseen Threats, Unheard Voices: Analyzing the Evolving Concept of Women’s Security in ASEAN 

(90’ minutes)


Discussion Catalysts: (5’ for each speaker)

1.      May Sabe Phyu,Director of the Gender Equality Network (GEN), “Myanmar Crisis” – online

2.      Bianca Pabotoy, Senior Program Officer for Asia and Pacific at Global Network on Women Peacebuilders – (GNWP), “Intersection of WPS and YPS” online

3.      Debbie Affianty, Steering Committee of Working Group on Women and P/CVE (WGWC) “Women and Extremism” – in person

4.      Ifa Hanifah Misbach, University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD),“Freedom of Religion and Belief” – in person

5.      Nenden Sekar, SAFEnet Indonesia, “Cybersecurity” – pre recorded


Listening Experts

1.      Yuniyanti Chuzaifah, Former of Chairperson of Komnas Perempuan Indonesia and Executive Board of AMAN Indonesia – online

2.      Dr. Fitri Bintang Timur, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Indonesia – online

3.      Dr. Adriana Venny Aryani, Coordinator for the Anti-Gender-Based Violence Coalition, Indonesia – in person – online

4.      Wahyu Susilo, Migrant Care – in person

5.      Dr. Amporn Marddent, Thammasat University Thailand – online

6.      Anchana Heemima, Founder the Duay Jai Group,Thailand – online*

7.      Kay Soe, GEN Myanmar- online

8.      Fatima Allian, Nisa Ul Haq – online

9.      Dr. Mely Caballero-Anthony, RSIS, Singapore– Online*

10.  Debby Stothard, ALTSEAN Burma – in person

11.  Nurhayati Sultan – Rohingya Advocate – in person

12.  Sotheavy, Cambodia – online*


*under confirmation


Irine H. Gayatri, Ph.D, Researcher at BRIN

12.20-12.30 Summary of meeting Moderator
12.30-end Group Photo and Closing MC