Indonesia Peacebuilders Forum 2019

Dolore commodo ea excepteur, do irure praetermissum.

The Asian Muslim Action Network and Action (AMAN) Indonesia and Faculty of Social and Political Science of Brawijaya University will co-host the Indonesia Peacebuilders Forum 2019 (IPBF), a meeting point for practitioners, academia, researchers, policymakers, and private sectors to reflect on the situation of the new trend of women’s engagement in violent extremism, gender constructions, and to understand new factors to involve active participation of women in the terrorist attacks The conference aims to: 1. Provide comprehensive discussion and reflection on gender perspectives the work of Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, where discourse on masculinity and femininity will unpack to understand the push and pull factors influencing the process of radicalism among women 2. Understanding national, regional and international instruments that can be used in dealing with the issue of violent extremism that promotes and integrates the gender approach 3. Encouraging peace and anti-violence movements through collaborative research and action based on the success of various gender-perspective interventions that have been successfully carried out in preventing and overcoming violent extremism

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