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Holed in our war-damaged homes after several days, we were trapped and ran out of food. We were starving, while remnants of the invaders are still in a well-fortified enclave with tunnels below and snipers above. Every day we witnessed how our government soldiers, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), rescue the trapped civilians with heavy backpacks and ammunitions clinging to their backs and waists. Sometimes, they even share their camp foods and ate with us, while always on the watch of Maute’s sniper attacks. (Quoted from

There is no single root cause that explains the phenomena of extremism. The global working group on security[1] report highlights that poor governance, political crisis, social exclusion, lack of law enforcement and inadequate economic policies are considered as mix factors to causing conflict, religious tension and the phenomenon of violent extremism. On the other hand, the national policy and program dealing with “jihadist” returned to the respective countries are not optimal to get sufficient data on their direct or indirect engagement with extremist circle. Therefore, guesses-based approach to deradicalization program often applies with minimum support. In Indonesia context, as recently reported by the Ministry of Social Affair, 78% of returnees are women and children involving 52 families. Gender sensitive approaches in the entire program of deradicalization, reintegration and rehabilitation process in the field is a necessity.

After September 11, 2001, a number of UN Resolutions as response to the issue of terrorism had been released such as: Resolution 1368 (2001) to combat threats to international peace and security caused by acts of terrorism and recognizing the right of individual and collective self-defense; Resolution 1373 (2001) to hinder terrorist groups in various ways where UN member states were encouraged to share their intelligence on terrorist groups in order to assist in combating international terrorism; Resolution 1624 (2005) calling upon all states to adopt measures necessary to prohibit incitement to terrorist action and deny safe haven to persons; Resolution 2122 (2013) regarding significant role of women in counter terrorism; Resolution 2242 (2015) highlights the leadership of women and their organization in designing interventions to CVE; Resolution 2250 (2015) recognizes the importance of the youths in all decision makings. In January 2016, the UN General Assembly has adopted a Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism (PVE). That adoption of the comprehensive approach to PVE covers preventive measures that intervene to address the drivers of violent extremism at all levels, and not just security-based counter terrorism approaches. It also recognizes the impor

[1] The FGD report of Global Solutions Exchange (GSX) Working Group on Security Interventions and Violent Extremism. The meeting held  on 27-28 February, 2017 at RUSI, 61 Whitehall, London.


Action Asia is a network of peacebuilders coming from Asia-Pacific region and beyond, bringing together practitioners, researchers, academes in the field of conflict transformation and peacebuilding in order to provide ongoing support, follow up trainings, and to more fully contextualize learning and knowledge in this field. Furthermore, it provides a safe forum to exchange learning and experiences, across contextual boundaries, in order to further develop theory and praxis of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Action Asia carries a vision of a world of justice and peace, where basic needs are met, and dignity and human rights are respected.

The network is directed by the Action Asia Leadership Forum which is composed of individuals who either act as consultants or trainers for Action Asia or those who have demonstrated a commitment to strengthening relationships and ties within the network and peacebuilding community writ large. The leadership makes sure that members are provided with capacities that they can explore to enhance their peacebuilding initiatives on the ground.

Action Asia is organizing the 6th Peacebuilders’ Forum to be held at Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta, Indonesia on October 16 to 18, 2017.   In this Forum, the participants will explore the various facets and dynamics of extremism, the progress of national and regional policies and programs in responding to the issue, and effective measures to thwart threats arising from violent extremism. The Forum will also examine collaborative actions taken by sub-regional structures like ASEAN and SARC that aimed at eradicating transnational crimes like terrorism and extremism. Case studies on best practices from community-based initiatives in preventing violent extremism will also be studied.

The Peacebuilders’ Forum offers a safe avenue for Action Asia members and invited guests both from government and non-government institutions for a shared learning experience through a deepened understanding of the Forum theme, identifying collaborative actions, and reenergizing one another. Participants to the Forum are usually peace practitioners, academes, and researchers, among others. The forum aims at:

Forum Objectives

  1. Providing a safe space to discuss and reflect through the lens of conflict transformation and peacebuilding the root causes and effects of violent extremism as well as the push and pull factors that intensifies it;
  2. Understanding national, regional and international instruments that address the issues on terrorism and violent extremism and promote holistic and integrated responses that underscore the critical importance of human rights, the rule of law, and community engagement;
  3. Learning best practices of community-based initiatives that collaborate with various stakeholders in responding to violent extremism; and,
  4. Celebrating the vibrancy of the Asian peace movement, and highlighting the success of various interventions.

Participant Type

Currently Organizer opens a registration for presentator and self funded participant. Who has strong strong interest and experience and in Peacebuilding in grassroots level.  for further information and registration you can visit our official website for event here.

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