Ruby Khalifah

Born and raised in Indonesia, Dwi Rubiyanti Khalifah is currently representative of the Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) in Indonesia, which focuses on strengthening leadership of grassroots inter-faith women and consolidating progressive voices to advocate the rights of minority groups. She earned her Masters Degree in Health and Social Sciences at Mahidol University in Thailand, and her thesis, Contesting Discourses on Sexuality and Sexual Subjectivity Among Single Young Muslim Women in Pesantren and The Future of Asian Feminism: Confronting Fundamentalism, Conflict and Noe-Liberalism, has been published in book form.

Ruby is a contributor to Majalah Potret and Aulia, a women magazine to promote womens voices. Her reflection and journey to engage with many women from different background can be also read on her blog at, and

With AMAN Indonesia, she initiated the Womens School for Peace, a community for learning peace education for inter-faith mothers that has already spread to 20 communities in seven provinces to strengthen womens leadership skills and organization in order to be able to contribute to peacebuilding. The schools are also known as “a cader mechine” to transform women from “ordinary women” to “extraordinary women” with strong leadership qualities to tackle their community agendas.

Ruby is also known as one of drafters of National Action Plan on 1325, where her role included strengthening CSOs at national and provincial levels to hold the government accountable in implementing the NAP. Her active role in advocating the womens rights has been recognized at the regional and international levels, where she dedicates her time to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and leadership in two regional platform as steering committees of the Asia Pacific Women Alliance for Peace and Security (APWAPS) and N-Peace.

Her commitment and long contribution to the advancement of womens rights in development and peacebuilding in Indonesia has been recognized by international agencies. She received several awards as  fellows of Asia Development Fellows (2014),  100th woman by BBC in 2015, and 23rd of the most inspiring women by Salt Magazine in 2015.


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